Our Website Services

  • Packages and add-ons are available putting you in charge of your heart centred online identity
  • Flexibility to select functionality enabling your website to grow at a pace to suit your budget pace and style
  • Beginner friendly tutorials empowering you to be your own webmistress/webmaster
  • Payment scheme can be provided giving you financial flexibility

To be able to create an Add-on on your existing website it will first need to go through the Update Service

Provides the following features:

  • Initial consultation, review and hand-over meeting
  • Home page
  • About me page
  • About my services/gallery page
  • Contact page including contact form
  • Other/Freebees page with newsletter subscription form
  • A business email address (assuming emails are provided by the hosting provider e.g One.com)
  • Theme and design in alignment with your business, responsive on all most devices
  • GDPR facilities like cookie declaration, privacy policy and terms of usage of website
  • SSL website security
  • Social media follow icons
  • Link to MailerLite/MailerChimp
  • Three additional hours Website development support and/or tutorials

Two x 1 hour tutorial sessions on any of the following:

  • WordPress Basics – adding/editing/removing: a page; menu items; text; headers; image; list; columns and links
  • MailerLite/MailChimp – Creating and sending a newsletter
  • Advanced Blocks (including Kadence Blocks) – Creating and editing: Cover; info block; testimonial; accordion; icon and icon list
  • Woo-commerce – adding/editing/removing a product and category
  • LifterLMS – adding/editing/removing courses and lessons
  • Event Manager – adding/editing/removing events and locations
  • Online WordPress Block Editor course available £60

This can take place via Zoom or in person subject to social distancing. Tailored to your pace and ability. Tutorial can be taken in one 2 hour block or two 1 hour blocks.

This add-on enables the user to register to receive newly published blog posts by email. User’s email addresses will stored in WordPress NOT MailerLite or MailChimp:

  • Install and set up PublishPress
  • Install and set up User Manager
  • Set up test user and blog
  • Add Register, Login, Change Password and Profile options to menu

Provides the following features:

  • MailerLite/MailChimp newsletter sign-up form
  • New Page for product/service marketing

This add-on is enables the website to take payment via a PayPal button.

  • Set up PayPal to be used on WordPress via the PayPal.com
  • Install and set up PayPal Button and place on a page

This add-on includes:

  • Fact finding meeting to go through the details about your business and the type of events you are providing
  • Installation and set up of Event Manager
  • Set up an event, location and support data

This add-on includes the following:

  • Fact finding meeting to go through the details about your business and the type of courses you are providing
  • Installation and set up of LifterLMS and courses page
  • Set up of one course
  • Addition of the lessons

This add-on includes the following:

  • Fact finding meeting to go through the details about your business and the type of products you are selling
  • Installation and set up of woo-commerce shop (free version or paid)
  • Addition of up to 5 products (Additional support is required to add any additional products)

Steps involved in the process of creating your own dynamic website suitable for all devices.

Payment terms

Once you have chosen your package and add-on/s and it has been agreed, an invoice will be raised for a 70% deposit. This will be due before work starts. The remainder will be due on completion of the website work immediately after the Hand-over meeting. Alternatively, if you require to go ahead with your website using a payment scheme, please contact us.

You will need to do the following:

  • Complete the Requirement Specification to help you create the information that needs to go on your website. This will be used by the developer and can also be used to calculate the total price of your Website development service.
  • If you do not already have website hosting you will need to purchase your website/domain name. I recommend using One.com at One.Com Special Offer Link as it includes the domain name, hosting and unlimited emails all in one package .  Once you sign up, follow the instructions sent from One.com and forward the resulting email to us to enable creation of your website. a business email address can also be set up for you.
  • If you already have your own website hosting then please provide us with the cPanel login details
  • The information for your websites will be taken from the Requirement Specification. Provide any additional information and the images to go on your pages. Please note that we cannot create the text for you, this needs to be provided either by you or a copywriter.

Please contact us if you have any queries